Title Tussle over ‘Singh is Kinng’ for sequel

Singh is Kingg
MUMBAI: With an acute dearth of attractive film titles is it any wonder that producers are standing up making loud and clear claims to title ownership?
Vipul Shah and Akshay Kumar may find it very difficult to make a sequel to ‘Singh Is Kinng’. We hear Shailendra Singh of Percept Ltd claims it’s his title and would like to have it back.
Singh’s plea is simple. “I gave them the title. Now I want it back.” 
Understandably Shah and Akshay are not quite ready to relinquish the popular franchise title that easily. The story goes like this. In 2007, Shailendra Singh had devised the title, plot and plans to make a film called Singh Is King. Akshay suggested that Shailendra allow him to make the film with Akshay’s pal Vipul Shah instead.
Not denying the title tussle tale at all Shailendra Singh said, “It’s true. ‘Singh Is King’ was, and IS, my title. Way back in 2007 I had  the title ‘Singh Is King’ and a 20-page plot based on the quest for a Kohinoor diamond. I had even designed the poster. As my company was already doing 8×10 Tasveer with Akshay, he convinced me to let Vipul Shah produce ‘Singh Is King’. I gladly parted with the title. But now I’d like to have it back.”
Shailendra Singh’s request for the coveted title was politely turned down by Vipul Shah.  Laments Singh, “He says they’re making the sequel to ‘Singh Is Kinng’ next year. Five years have passed and nothing has happened. I doubt they’re making a sequel. They don’t have a plot. But I’ve a plot ready and I’d like to make my own ‘Singh Is King. I am a Singh. I’m more entitled to the title than Vipul Shah.”
Singh says he isn’t inclined to put up a fight. “I’d like to get the title back as amicably as I gave it to them. I’ve happily given ‘Chak De’ to Yashraj Films and ‘Game’ to Excel and I was glad to give ‘Singh Is Kinng’ to Vipul Shah. All I’m saying is, please let me have it back. You are not using it. I want to use it.”
Adding an extra sheen to this brewing battle for the title is the fact that Shailendra Singh had a noisy fall-out with Akshay Kumar after 8 x 10 Tasveer.
When asked about the title war Vipul Shah replied with a terse, “No comments.”