‘Tom and Jerry’ now in Tibetan language

    Tom and Jerry in Tibetan Language
    BEIJING: American cartoon series "Tom and Jerry" is among 1,500 hours of English and Chinese TV programmes translated into Tibetan language and on show daily through a local cable channel in Tibetan capital Lhasa, a top official said.

    Tenzin, a six-year-old first-grade student in Lhasa believes the US-born cat and mouse can actually speak Tibetan.

    "It makes me laugh to see the cat make a fool of itself every time," said Tenzin.

    Zhang Chongyin, chief of Tibet’s regional bureau of radio, film and television, said: "Many Chinese classics have also been translated into the Tibetan language, such as the ‘Monkey King’ and the ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’."

    All urban residents living in Tibet’s cities have access to at least three wireless TV channels and 30 cable TV channels, while about 70 percent of the rural population can receive satellite TV and radio signals, Xinhua reported.

    A 24-hour Tibetan-language TV channel that offers news and drama series is most favoured by Tibetan people.

    Besides TV, Tibet translates more than 10,000 hours of radio programmes and 60 films every year, said Zhang.

    "We’re working to enrich the Tibetan people’s cultural life by providing quality TV programmes and films. But there’s still a huge gap between what people demand and what we can offer at this stage," he said.

    About 30 percent of Tibet’s farmers — living in remote areas — still have no access to power supply and cannot receive TV or radio, he said.

    This year, the bureau aims to launch more bilingual TV and radio programmes and translate more Chinese and foreign films for the people.