Toshiba partners Star Movies for weekend slot


MUMBAI: Star Movies will air a Hollywood film every Sunday at 9 pm, in the Toshiba Presents Ultimate Home Theatre slot.

Besides showcasing Hollywood box office hits, the slot will feature specially produced short segments in which hosts Seema Ramchandani and Hong Kong-based director Arvin Robles will enrich the viewer’s experience with facts and trivia about the featured film.

The Toshiba title sponsorship involves a range of entitlements including on-air exposure, product integration in the short segments, online and on-ground presence. Among the films to be aired are The Chronicles of Narnia and The X-Men.


Toshiba India managing director Itaru Ishibashi said, “We are honoured to be the title sponsor of Star Movies’ Toshiba Presents Ultimate Home Theater. With the channel’s popularity among viewers, we are confident that the programme will allow Toshiba to reach the consumer who shares our passion for an innovative way of life, be it in home entertainment or household products.”


Star senior vice president, advertising sales Karen Davidson added, “We are excited to partner with Toshiba to introduce Toshiba Presents Ultimate Home Theater on Star Movies. This partnership provides a host of integrated efforts to support Toshiba’s brands and marketing objectives with highly visible on-air, online and on-ground activities. We look forward to launching more unique opportunities for advertisers to maximize their brand exposure.”