Tusshar Kapoor dubs for mute character in Golmaal Returns


Mumbai: It is common knowledge that Tusshar Kapoor plays a hilariously dumb character in the keenly anticipated comedy Golmaal Returns, as he did in the first part of the franchise??. But it is the dubbing of the film that requires attention.

At the time of dubbing for the film, he had no words to dub except emitting noises and reactions, making the experience tiring and strenuous. Remarks Tusshar, "People talk about method acting, but after Golmaal Returns, I talk about method dubbing!!"

He laughs, "Ajay (Devgan) saw Golmaal Returns before he left for London and Paris and loved me but asked me to be very careful about the dubbing. He is brilliant at dubbing so I took his advice seriously. I play a mute guy in the film, which as you can imagine, makes the dubbing tougher than when you have actual dialogues. I lost my voice at times and had to condition my throat with hot water, milk and turmeric powder."

Golmaal Returns is a Diwali attraction, releasing 29 October. It is an Indian Films – Studio 18 worldwide release.