TVF International picks up Indian film Mugabe’s Zimbabwe for worldwide distribution


MUMBAI: A film by a young Indian filmmaker – Shrenik Rao – on Robert Mugabe’s rule has been featured as one of the Hot Picks of 2011 at Cannes in the Factual Entertainment section. Titled Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, the film has been signed up for worldwide commercial distribution by TVF International.

The 54 minute documentary made in English, will now be adapted in various languages across the world and be featured on multiple media platforms.

Rao’s Mugabe’s Zimbabwe narrates a terrifying story, plotting Robert Mugabe’s three decades of bloodshed, terror and corruption and documents how he turned hope into desolation. Shot on location in Zimbabwe, England, Scotland and India, the film is an enquiry into how Zimbabwe, from its successful independence 30 years ago has collapsed dramatically.

Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is a thoroughly researched film, with unprecedented access to Zimbabwe’s Deputy Prime Minister, Vice Presidents, Governor of Reserve Bank, Former Arch Bishop of Bulawayo and UK’s Former Secretary of State for International Development etc. Parts of the documentary were shot undercover and the crew included people from nine different nationalities.

TVF International director Leila Monks said, "TVF International are really pleased to be working with Dolsun Media distributing their film Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. As dictatorialism pervades the news, the world watches democracy fight against its enemies so this film featuring exclusive interviews and the inside track on the current situation in Zimbabwe has never been more topical."