Two PNC films win top honors at 43rd Worldfest Houston


MUMBAI: Two films from Pritish Nandy Communications(PNC) namely Ek Tho Chance and Saluun, have won top honors at the 43rd Worldfest Houston.

While Saluun won the silver Remi award, Ek Tho Chance won the special jury award, in the foreign features category.

PNC chairman Pritish Nandy said, "Such international recognition is important because Indian cinema must be taken seriously internationally, not just by the Diaspora, but by mainstream international audiences and winning awards at top international festivals like Worldfest Houston is a step in that direction. PNC movies have travelled to over a 100 international film festivals and are recognized as one of the few movie brands that can crossover internationally."

WorldFest Houston program director Kathleen Haney added, "We were overwhelmed to see the response to both films at the festival, more so since these 2 PNC films were selected to represent India out of a total of 3 this year. The distinguished jury members decided that Saluun should be awarded the silver Remi award for its honest effort at showing the spirit of rural India and its intelligent humour and Ek Tho Chance, the special jury award for its high-value content and cinematic excellence."