UFO India ties up with Dolby to bring home D-Cinema


MUMBAI: UFO India has joined hands with Dolby Laboratories to bring more digital cinema systems to India. Dolby has also inked a similar deal with Shanghai Film Group Corporation (SFG) for China.

The move is aimed at broadening Dolby’s digital deployment penetration in Asia. Under the agreement in India, UFO purchased a limited number of Dolby Digital Cinema servers and has the option to purchase additional Dolby Digital Cinema servers, as needed, in order to create a screen base for Hollywood movies in India.

"We are happy and proud to be associated with Dolby in bringing the 2K digital cinema technology into India. As a technology provider, we found it important to cater to the Hollywood studios, which require DCI-compliant systems for accepting Hollywood content. Dolby, with its world-class technologies and expertise, will provide cutting-edge benefits to the 2K digital cinema scenario," said UFO India CEO Rajesh Mishra.

"Both SFG and UFO are at the forefront of cinema technology in Asia. Dolby is excited to provide them with Dolby Digital Cinema products and services, and we look forward to building and continuing our strong relationships to assist them in evolving cinema entertainment throughout China and India," said Dolby Laboratories vice president, cinema John Iles.

In China, SFG has agreed to purchase 100 Dolby Digital Cinema Systems to be installed in its Shanghai United Cinema Line, one of most influential cinema circuits across the provinces and cities of China. In addition, SFG to date has installed Dolby 3D Digital Cinema at its Chengdu Theatre.

"Quality, reliability, and compatibility with international technologies are the reasons we selected Dolby Digital Cinema. SFG and Dolby have been working together for more than 20 years. Thanks to this collaboration, SFG is properly aligned with the entire cinema ecosystem, bringing Chinese moviegoers closer to the world through our offerings," said SFG president Ren Zhonglun.