UTV and Saregama team up for Hattrick

MUMBAI: UTV and Saregama will unveil the promotional music video ‘Wicket Bacha’ for their forthcoming film Hattrick on 2 March 2007.


The video, shot in Mumbai on a budget of Rs four million (Rs 40 lakhs) over three days, will feature Harsha Bogle, Gautam Bhimani and Usha Utthup, along with the film’s cast. Hattrick is the first time that music company Saregama, UTV and music director Pritam have teamed up for a venture.


Says Saregama’s Music chief executive officer Kulmeet Makkar, “We have always shared cordial relations with both UTV and Pritam, but it is with Hattrick that an official deal has materialised between us.”


The music of Hattrick will be available in music stores from 26 February 2007.

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