UTV moves court for Jodhaa Akbar ban in MP


    MUMBAI: UTV has moved the Madhya Pradesh (MP) high court to lift the suspension on the screening of Jodhaa Akbar, and that it will take the matter to the Supreme Court if need be.

    The entire film industry, including producers, distributors and exhibitors are up in arms against this order of the State Government. In fact the MP exhibitors association has threatened to go on an indefinite strike if this arbitrary ruling is not reversed. The authorities cannot let a small group of individuals dictate what is or is not acceptable for the consumption of the general public.

    “The censor board has passed Jodhaa Akbar without any cuts and the onus is now on the respective authorities to ensure the film is screened across the country without disruption,” UTV said in a statement released to the press said. “If we allow our creative freedom to be dictated by every potentially aggrieved party, then I am afraid we will not have as vibrant and creative an industry in the future,” it further stated.

    UTV has decided to fight this to the end. Let’s hope justice is fairly delivered.