UTV True Games launches multiplayer action RPG Mytheon

    MUMBAI: UTV True Games has launched its online multiplayer action RPG, Mytheon. The mythological action RPG can be downloaded and played for free.

    Players are invited to enter a mythological world where they must battle larger-than-life gods to define their own fate. Players assume the role of Stonecasters where their only path to victory against the gods lies in mastering and casting magical stones. The Stones bestow on their caster the power to summon mythological creatures from legends past and unleash dazzling spells on allies or opponents. The game also features traditional RPG elements such as hunting, quests, customization and other methods of leveling.

    “We’ve experienced a fantastic beta testing period and watched our community soar,” said UTV True Games director Product Development Peter Cesario. “We’ve worked closely with our community to develop a top-notch completely immersive and challenging gaming experience, and we are thrilled to deliver the ultimate in RPG gameplay.”

    In addition to the innovative Power Stones combat system, Mytheon will also feature mythical lore, where every corner of the game is immersed in Greek mythology — from architecture and clothing to storyline and bosses — and three unique character classes: Warcaster, Elementalist, and Eidolon, where each class specializes in particular stone types. Lastly, Mytheon will host powerful PVP battles where players can face against each other’s stones in direct and objective-based PVP battles.