VFX expert Biju D joins hands with Frameboxx


    Mumbai: Visual effects expert Biju D has joined hands with Frameboxx Animation & Visual effects for a project-based visual effects course that leverages upon Frameboxx’s Incubation Facility at Mumbai.

    The Fablefx Programme is a two-month full-time learning experience that is aimed at creating production-ready visual effects artists in India. With a curriculum comprising master lectures; on-set live action sessions; and a project-based approach that results in a visual effects short film for each student, the course is supervised exclusively by Biju D along with a team of expert visual effects artists.

    Biju Dhanapalan or Biju D, as he is popularly known, is one of the pioneers of visual effects in the Indian film industry. Starting his career as a visual effects supervisor in 1997, Biju D has delivered visual effects for more than 70 feature films and leads a mean team of visualisers, animation and compositing artistes. Some of the major feature films featuring his visual effects magic include Dumkata, Johnny Gaddar, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Naina, Pinocchio, Yakeen, Hawa, Cape Karma and many more.

    The course is a 60-day intensive learning programme with seminars and workshops that will facilitate steady interaction and dialogue between the participants and industry professionals. The course allows students to put theory into practice under the aegis of Biju D and a team of professionals. In particular, the program is designed to take the participants through the multiple layers involved in the process of creating a visual effects short film, right from principle photography, animation to integration and finishing. For the course, the participants from various Frameboxx centres shall be stationed in Mumbai for the entire duration of the program.

    At the end of the course, each team would be showcasing their completed films in front of a panel of studio heads and professionals who will critique and deliver their golden pointers and feedback.

    Frameboxx executive director & CEO Naveen Gupta says, "The Indian Visual Effects industry is growing at par with the world’s best and has proven its mettle time and again by delivering great visual effects content for some of the top blockbusters for both National and International markets. Frameboxx is committed to delivering the finest manpower to empower and energize this industry and the FrameFX Programme is our latest offering in line of our existing industry first specialization training initiatives."

    Biju D added, "Visual effects have made a grand entry into the business of filmmaking. Producers are getting more and more serious about the use of animation in their Films. And with increasing competition from Hollywood, the Indian film industry is lapping up visual effects even if it means a bigger budget for the movie. I’m glad that Frameboxx has taken this initiative of training visual effects aspirants with the best of facilities & hands on experience in the Industry. I’m looking forward to this fruitful association".

    The Frameboxx Fablefx curriculum has been meticulously crafted to ensure the right mix of creative, technical and practical visual effects skills and is also aimed at enabling and empowering creative students to incubate and develop their wild and creative concepts into world class visual effects short films.