Vidya Balan launches Mercedes magazine in India


MUMBAI: Mercedes-Benz has inked a partnership with MaXposure Media Group to launch the Mercedes Magazine for the first time in India. The magazine was launched by Vidya Balan.

Mercedes Magazine includes topics on aspects like high end products and services, fashion, ho brand.

Mercedes Benz India managing director Dr. Wilfred Aulbur said, "We are delighted to introduce the ‘Mercedes’ magazine here in India. It reflects the philosophy of living in luxury the smart way, which resonates with the lifestyle statement of our extremely exclusive and crème-de-le-crème set of customers. In the magazine, the readers will discover a tapestry from all over the globe, covering celebrities, fashion, high-end living, exotic travel destinations, fine dining, art and the latest happenings from Mercedes-Benz and 30 per cent of the magazine will be dedicated to local content."