Vidya Balan to work with senior and junior Bachchan


MUMBAI: Vidya Balan is taking things slowly. The actress is shooting for just one film at a time. From 2 March  the actress will be in the company of the father and son duo of the Bachchan family.

Pa is being directed by Balki of Cheeni Kum fame. The director will start his first schedule for the film across various places in Mumbai before moving up North India. Balan, who has been shying away from the media said in an earlier interview, “There is always greed to do more and more films. But I have kept my little Satan tucked away and however tempting be the proposition, I will try and restrain myself to doing one film at a time.”

On getting the offer to work with the Bachchans, Balan was ecstatic. She said, “I have worked in Eklavya with Mr. Bachchan, but with both of them, it is going to be great. Junior is so full of fun. I am all set to get taken for a ride by Abhishek. He is a big prankster.”

As for Balki, Balan is of the opinion, “He did a phenomenal job in Cheeni Kum. A beautiful love story told simply is far more difficult to make and he did it with such ease, in spite of it being his first film. Pa will be a film that I will have been proud to have done.”