Vipul Shah didn’t want Akshay Kumar in Shefali’s film


MUMBAI: While any other producer in his place would have happily grabbed the offer, Vipul Shah has valiantly refused to consider his buddy and business partner Akshay Kumar’s presence in his wife – Shefali Shah’s film Kuch Luv Jaisa.

The movie is produced under Vipul’s banner.

A source tells, “Akshay is not only very close to Vipul, he is also very fond of Shefali. When he heard about Kucch Luv Jaisa and how important it is for Shefali, he immediately volunteered to be part of it. But Vipul saw no reason to bring his star-friend into the picture.”

Recently, Akshay Kumar had gallantly stepped in to do a guest appearance in his friend Lara Dutta’s production Chalo Dilli.

However, Vipul Shah vehemently rejects the idea. “Why should Akshay be any part of Kucch Luv Jaisa? If Lara asked him to make an appearance, that was her call. I wouldn’t want the focus of attention to be diverted from the script and Shefali’s performance. Everyone knows what she’s capable of. Let them see the film for her and for no other reason.”

In fact, Vipul is staying completely out of the film’s marketing. While other producers go out of their way to push and promote their sons, daughters and wives, Vipul is embarrassed to even ask his friends in the film industry to come for a trial show. “Let them see the film on their own. If I hold trial shows, it’d look like I’m pushing my wife. I am keeping completely out of it.”

Apparently, Amitabh Bachchan, who is very fond of Shefali and calls her ‘Maalkin,’ is keen on seeing the film.