Vir Das provides platform for amateur comedians


MUMBAI: Weirdass Productions, the production house of stand-up comedian Vir Das, is organizing Ham-ateur Nights, which will be a platform for upcoming talents in the field of comedy right from stand up to sketch comedy, from musical to slap stick comedy.

The first ever Ham-ateur Night will take place in Blue Frog, Mumbai on 21 June. Plans are to hold the Ham-ateur Nights on the third Sunday of every month. "India has a huge pool of talent as far stand-up comedy is concerned and I hope to be able to discover and nurture these gifted individuals, by giving them a launch pad, henceforth," says Das.

Ten performances will take place at every Hamateur Nights and a winner will be announced each night. All these nights will end with Das’ performance.

Das plans to organize these Ham-ateur Nights across the country in cities like New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.