Virtual Valley Studios looks to release animation film in 09-10


    MUMBAI: Mumbai based Virtual Valley Studios is readying its 3D animation movie called Greeva – Return Of The Lost Hero for a release in late 2009 or early 2010. The movie, which is being made on a budget of $ 6 million, is a modern day fantasy with a touch of mythology.

    Speaking to, Virtual Valley Studios chief creative officer Bharat D. Shitole says, “The story of the film is based on futuristic Lord Hanuman, who will be a savior of the universe and its inhabitants.”

    Touting it as a ‘realistic 3D animation movie,’ which will be different from the others, Shitole, who is also directing the project, adds, “Some years back the Indian 3D animation market was raw. However, how it is showing great development and hence it’s necessary for us to compete with international quality. When we have such potential concept, which has great national and international appeal, we decided to go with international animation standards to bring it in the form of realistic quality. Hence in our film, the clothes, hair, skin and textures will be more real than other 3D animation movies, which have been produced and released in India till now.”

    However, the company is currently looking for a financer and a presenter who can fund the project and release in India and abroad.

    Throwing light on the merchandising and licensing scope that the film has, Virtual Valley Studios CEO Amit Maheshwari says, “We are presently identifying a potential presenter and co-producer along with a gaming company, which have great approach in the Indian as well as international markets. As far as the game is concerned, the project has great potential as a 3D game and will be welcomed by teens as well as matured game lover.”

    The characters, environments and weapons in the film have been designed keeping lucrative aspects of merchandising and gaming in mind.

    The studio’s team of skilled artists and animators are working on the project.

    Apart from Greeva – Return Of The Lost Hero, Virtual Valley Studios is also working on some other concepts. “These intellectual properties can be transformed into films, TV series, games and comic books. The four concepts we’re working on are based on Bollywood masala humour, animal kingdom, cricketing fun and Sci-fi,” informs Shitold.