‘Voyeurism a form of terrorism’: Budhadeb

MUMBAI: “Voyeurism is a new type of invasion in our life and needs to be checked”, said noted film director Budhadeb Dasgupta at a press meet at IFFI-2007. His film ‘Ami, Iyasin Ar Amar Madhubala’ (Bengali), which is being screened in the Feature Film Section of Indian Panorama, is aimed to focus on this issue.


Dasgupta added, “Our life is under constant surveillance by the State, which goes unpunished, while at the individual level voyeurism is dealt with severely. The advancement in technology and the flood of spycams in our life has give rise to a new type of terrorism. The conflict between the State sponsored invasion on one’s privacy and personal rights needs to be addressed.”


On his documentary on music composer Naushad titles, ‘Naushad Ali – The Melody Continues,’ being screened in the Non-Feature Film Section of Indian Panorama, Dasgupta said that Naushad was a legend in the hard core commercial cinema of Bollywood. “Though commercial films are not my preferred choice, I ventured into making a documentary on his life as his compositions touched the core of human soul,” Dasgupta stated.