Waiting For Ranbir Kapoor: Anurag Basu Patiently Awaited The Release Of Rockstar

Ranbir Kapoor
MUMBAI: No one was happier than director Anurag Basu to see the the release of Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar. Basu then proceeded with the next schedule of  Barfee. Ranbir’s unavailability was holding up Barfee indefinitely  for the last one year.

Says a source, "Anurag was the portrait of patience making  way for the shooting of Rockstar. Things had come to such a head  that the Barfee producers UTV and leading lady Priyanka Chopra  wondered how much longer they had to wait."

Basu says, ‘Ab bas ho gaya. My last big schedule for Barfee was from November 15 in Kerala and Ooty. I didn’t mind waiting. Ranbir had very clearly told me he’d need time off in October and November 2011 to promote Rockstar. The film is worth all the delays in the Barfee schedule. And it isn’t as if we’ve been making Barfee forever."

Anurag, however, refused to watch Rockstar although  Ranbir and Imtiaz were very keen to have his inputs.

Says Anurag, "I’m superstitious about watching any film before release. I recently saw two films before their release that I loved. I thought they would be sure hits. On release they bombed. I decided to  stay away from Rockstar."

Anurag has much at stake with this release. The success  of Rockstar has created a favourable circumstance on  how audiences would perceive Ranbir deaf-and-mute act in Barfee.

Says Basu, "I can’t deny that Rockstar was a crucial release for Ranbir. We all had our fingers crossed."