Wake Up Sid, Do Knot Disturb open well at box office


    MUMBAI: New movie releases Wake Up Sid and Do Knot Disturb have done fairly well at the box office, which is good news with many films not doing business as expected.

    While Wake Up Sid opened at around 80- 90%, Do Knot Disturb had a slightly slower opening as compared to Wake Up Sid at around 50 – 70% but picked up towards the noon and evening shows. However, according to sources the reports of Do Knot Disturb have not been that good.

    Wake Up Sid proved to be a complete surprise as it not only opened well in the metros but smaller centers as well.

    Speaking to Businessofcinema.com, PVR Cinemas programming head Prakhar Joshi said, "Wake Up Sid had a superb opening it opened at 90- 100%. It opened very well at the small centers like Indore and Aurangabad too, which was a pleasant surprise. The public response has been really good. As for Do Knot Disturb, Bombay was not really good, the occupancy in North India was better."

    However, Fun Cinemas chief operating officer Vishal Kapur said, "Wake Up Sid had good advance bookings but the feedback of the film was OK, the occupancy is expected to go up over the weekend. Do Knot Disturb was around 30% but is expected to go up over the weekend."

    "The opening of Do Knot Disturb was average at around 55% but picked up by evening as for Wake Up Sid it opened really well at around 70- 75%," added Cinemax India senior vice president Devang Sampat.