Web 2.0 makes BigAdda gets rich & interactive



Today, social networking sites are increasingly making optimum use of Web 2.0, a new version of the World Wide Web, to create interesting features, just as BigAdda incorporated Web 2.0 to make itself rich, user friendly and interactive.

Incorporation of Web 2.0 was initiated with the logo selection process. Prior to the launch of India’s First Youth Networking Site, BigAdda made several logos and put them on the site for a poll. Users had to vote for their favorite logo and the logo which got the highest votes was then selected as the official logo for BigAdda.

Interactivity is possible when there is exchange of information. BigAdda has intelligently extracted this feature of Web 2.0 in the form of scribbles and blogs. Users on BigAdda can chat with each other through scribbles and post comments or views through blogs, with complete security. The site provides the users with a ‘Friends only’ feature which enables them to have complete privacy of their data.

Users can upload and download videos and pictures and will soon be able to upload music on BigAdda, allowing them to cater to their need to self-express by sharing their media collection within their network of friends. Thus, BigAdda is a rich user content driven portal.

Siddhartha Roy, Chief Operating Officer, BigAdda said, “With the increasing broadband penetration and growing use of Web 2.0, the Indian web industry is about to see a tremendous growth across the online spectrum. About 54% of the Indians are below 25 years of age and this TG constitutes our core userbase. Going further, we at BigAdda plan to incorporate more features using Web 2.0 making this site further interactive and exciting for our users the moment they log onto it.”

Web 2.0 provides a higher broadband penetration, leading to rich user content driven portals and interactive web applications, which means unlimited space for uploading and downloading music, videos, pictures and other features. And this feature will act as the bridge to future developments like wireless interphase, PC penetration etc. The Web 2.0 is indeed a beneficial feature in the path towards growth.