WEG India sways the Cannes mart

CANNES : When you do things you ought do them in style. Make it fun. Make it enjoyable. Make it a moment to remember. That’s something a lot of visitors to WEG India’s annual Cannes bash will vouch for. Held at the Panteiro in the International Village close to the Garre Maritime, it was choc-a-bloc with festival attendees, and mind you they were not just Indians. Popular Bollywood and Bhangra numbers had everyone on the floor swaying to their beats.

Ice-creams, wine, and liquor flowed freely. Avinash Jumani of WEG who is promoting the Bharat Bala produced Vijay Raaz starrer Hari Om at Cannes in order to get distributors was at his beaming best. His cousin Sanjay Jumani who runs Sunstone Entertainment, too welcomed all the guests. The party went on till the wee hours of the morning. And guests such as One Dollar Curry producer Vijay Singh, Sudhir Mishra, Ruchi Narian, Mr & Mrs Iyer producer Rupali Mehta, Jags Mundra, Suneel Darshan, and several other European and American visitors all had a good time.

Bharat Bala meanwhile announced in Cannes that he was co-producing an Indo-Japanese film the 19th Step on a samurai warrior who traces the Buddha’s Indian journey and lands up in Kerala learning Kalaripayuttu. Filming begins in end 2006.

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