What happened should not happen to anyone: Sohail Khan speaks about the accident


Sohail Khan

MUMBAI: The road accident on Sunday night by a car allegedly owned by Arbaaz Khan and driven by Sohail Khan’s driver, which took an old woman’s life, has left the Khan family with a disturbing sense of déjà vu, a deep sense of distress and indignation.

So says a discernibly distressed and upset Sohail Khan who claims media reports with the Khan name have deeply disturbed the family . Says Sohail, “We are not an insensitive family. And it’s not a good feeling to be portrayed that way. The driver was alone in the car. It was the driver who caused the very unfortunate accident. He has taken the responsibility for it. We are shaken by the whole episode. Who wouldn’t be? Are we not human? To be called insensitive when only I know the trauma that my family is going through ever since the accident happened, is very unfair.”

Sohail says the accident was seen by several eyewitnesses. “They’ve told the police exactly what happened. The driver was alone in the car. The poor lady lost her life. We are as troubled by this as any normal family would be. Why are we being perceived as callous and indifferent? It is sad that such a tragic event has become one more occasion to make us brothers look like reckless adventurers.. Our names are being used just because our driver is not a celebrity.”

Apparently the family is extremely concerned about the plight of the driver. “It was an accident. A precious human life has been lost. At least give us time to come to terms with the enormity of  the tragedy,” says Sohail.

Sohail is specially upset with the way the Khan family’s role in the entire tragedy is being distorted. Says Sohail, “Look at how our statements are minsterpreted. I said and I meant that it was sad to see homeless people sleeping on the roads covering themselves with plastic sheets to stop being drenched in the rain. Given this kind of dangerous situation, if God Forbid, a car loses control it can prove fatal.”

Says Sohail, “We are sincerely concerned about the situation. What happened should not and must not happen to anyone. Let’s make the roads safer for the pedestrians and the drivers.”