What was Asin doing before showbiz?


MUMBAI: Yes, we know that she is Aamir Khan’s heroine in Ghajini and Salman Khan’s leading lady in London Dreams, but there is more to Asin than that. This southern beauty, who is enjoying her stint in Bollywood, was a businesswoman first.

Disclosed her dad, "First she wanted to be a doctor like her mother, but later on she started showing interest in business. I am a businessman and perhaps she was intrigued by the strategies required to do business, and so she started her own venture."

However, when we questioned the actress, she replied, "Now let’s not get into my past. I was very young and enthusiastic then, and I’m certainly not revealing what I used to dabble in."

However, we later found out that Asin ventured into the clothing business. Perhaps she did not make a mark then, but this talent may come in handy in Bollywood!