‘What’s more important in a script is how your character is carved’ – Bobby Deol


    Bobby Deol has had one too many film releases this year. Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Jhoom Bababar Jhoom and Apne have been released over the last two months and they all have Bobby Deol in common. What’s more, the actor is now gearing up for his next release Naqaab, which hit theatres on 13 July.


    In an interview with Businessofcinema.com, the younger Deol holds forth on Naqaab and his other three forthcoming films namely Nanhe Jaisalmer, Ek and Roshan.




    After the release of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, has a film with the Yash Raj banner changed your positioning in the industry?

    When I was going to hear the script of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom I knew Abhishek and Preity were already in the film and I didn’t know what I was going to hear from Shaad because I would not do a film if I didn’t have a good role. For me the length of the role doesn’t matter, but I wanted to hear the script and after I heard it I loved the role.


    Yes, it definitely makes a difference to an actor because Yash Raj is a good banner. They make good films and they always spend a lot on their movies. People believe in their films because they try and make good films and that is why audience goes to see their movies.


    How was your experience working in Apne, as an actor, son and brother?

    Apne is a real and deeper film as compared to other films made on families. Family films are usually very superficial but Apne gives more depth in a relationship. In Apne you see a family working together after many years.


    For me, it was a dream come true to work with my dad. For my dad too it was a dream come true because he wanted to work with both his sons. Both Sunny and I wanted to work with dad in a film. The USP of Apne is my father.


    As an actor when you go on set you don’t think of the opposite person as anything but an actor. When you are performing you have to play your character because the other character that you have read about is standing in front of you. I was very nervous on the first day because my father knows me inside out, so if I am faltering he would know of it.


    A lot of your films have been releasing since May and will continue to release year long….

    I worked on these films last year and all of them are releasing this year. I started Apne last year but there were long gaps between every schedule so it took one whole year.


    I also did Jhoom Barabar Jhoom last year but Yash Raj completes their films quickly and plans its releases.


    Nanhe Jaisalmer was shot in April last year and Shaka Laka Boom Boom also happened around the same time.


    I know I have a lot of sleepless nights coming ahead. Every film means a lot to an actor, it’s like my child. Good, bad or ugly I just want them to do well.


    Your forthcoming film Naqaab has a strong feeling of déjà vu, considering it is a thriller directed by Abbas Mastan and stars Akshaye Khanna and you, just like Humraaz…

    Since we all are together it has a feeling of Humraaz but when you see the film, the twists and turns are different. A thriller has the same pattern but when you see the film you realize the difference. My three thriller films with Abbas Mastan – Ajnabee, Soldier and Humraaz were all different.


    You share such a good rapport with Abbas Mastan and you have done so many films with them. Has there ever been a time when you may have refused any of their film offers?

    I will never say no to Abbas Mastan. Sometimes writers come and narrate subjects to me, which are of the same style as an Abbas Mastan film would be, so I tell them that if Abbas Mastan are the directors, I will do it, because I know they can do it. I believe in them completely.


    I worked with them at the beginning of my career for four years and then suddenly there was a gap. So I was very excited when I got this project, Naqaab.


    How much does it matter to be working with a reputed director or producer?

    I have never worked with someone who is making his first film. I don’t like to interfere with the director’s work. As an actor I just want to be an actor. So for me it is very important to know the work of the director in order to work with them.


    I don’t know if my gut instincts will always be right and if I have never seen a directors work I will not know how to judge him.


    You are also doing another film with Samir Karnik (director Nanhe Jaisalmer)?

    I am doing Roshan, which is directed and produced by Karnik. It is like Nanhe Jaisalmer. I had heard Roshan’s script while working on Nanhe Jaisalmer and it also stars Dwij (from Nanhe Jaisalmer).


    Can you tell us something about Nanhe Jaisalmer?

    Nanhe Jaisalmer has a child in it so everyone thinks it is a children’s film but it a family film. It is about how strong your imagination can be, if you really believe in it and use it the right way. It doesn’t preach but is a meaningful film.


    I play myself in the film, which is about the child. I loved the script and it is a feel good film.


    After a career span of 12 years do you still await an author backed role?

    I’m still waiting for something like that to come my way. The role that I did in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was interesting and well written, but I want to do a film like Ghayal, Phool Aur Patthar, Pratigya, Chupke Chupke because there were great characters.


    What’s more important in a script is how your character is carved. You may or may not play the main lead but if the character is written well, it will always be nice.


    I have tried to communicate this to my directors and producers and now things are changing, everybody looks at me in a different light so may be I will get better opportunities.