Whistling Woods students shoot for Brazilian movie Bollywood Sonhos


Mumbai: Academia Internacional de Cinema worked with Whistling Woods Film and Television Institute to shoot a scene for the forthcoming film Bollywood Sonhos (Bollywood Dreams).

The scene featured several of the acting students from Whistling Woods International Film and Television Institute acting and dancing with Brazilian actresses Paula Braun, Lorena Lobato, and Natalia Gallezo.

The film, directed by Beatriz Seigne-Martin, is about three Brazilian actresses who travel to India to break-in to the Bollywood film industry, but quickly realize the splendors of India and have unusual and funny adventures exploring the country.

During the film shoot on 15 October, a television crew from Brazil’s largest TV station TV Globo was there to capture the filming and interview them. The TV crew was from Brazil’s most popular show Fantastico, which has a viewership of 70-100 million people. The Brazilian TV crew spoke with the students from Whistling Woods International Film and Televisions Institute and their Dean about Indian cinema and globalization. The show will appear on TV Globo in January 2009.

The Brazilian movie Bollywood Sonhos (Bollywood Dreams) is expected to be released in June 2009 in Brazil.