Why Akshay Kumar didn’t perform at Govani’s wedding?


MUMBAI: The Govani wedding is over and done with and the couple are on their honeymoon, but speculations are yet to taper off. The question on every one’s mind is why did Akshay Kumar not perform at the wedding? Was it because he had to share the stage with Shah Rukh Khan or was he not offered good money? Finally we were able to unearth the truth behind Akki’s refusal.

According to a family friend of the couple, "Shah Rukh Khan was supposed to perform on the 30th of April and Akshay Kumar on the 2nd of May. While SRK’s show was called the King Khan Nite, Akki’s show on the 2nd was called Rock N Shock Nite. Pritam, the music composer was roped in to provide the music and Akki, the stunts alongwith a host of stunt guys."

Akshay Kumar who is sitting pretty at the top of the box office currently was not happy to play second fiddle to SRK and perform two days later. The friend explained, "While SRK’s performance was being called the King Khan Nite, Akshay’s show was not being penciled as the Khiladi Nite, but as a Rock N Shock Nite. Secondly, he had to share space with Pritam, who is only a musician. And lastly, Akki argued that who would be interested in seeing him perform after a night of SRK’s magic. And so Akshay did not perform for us."

Shah Rukh walked away reportedly with a cool three crore rupees for a night’s work, while Akshay Kumar flew down to Singapore to shoot for Ratan Jain’s De Dhana Dhan. The much publicized affair got both the actors a lot of mileage, one for doing it and another for not doing it. At the end we say, all’s well that ends well…