Will Bollywood make it in Pakistan?

MUMBAI :If Bollywood has welcomed talent from Pakistan with open arms, what is keeping Pakistan from letting in Bollywood films? Pakistan may have lifted the ban on Bollywood films, but only two films: Taj Mahal and Mughal-e-Azam have been cleared for screening so far. Is it that Bollywood is posing a severe threat to the nascent Pakistani film industry there?

As it is the DVD market in Pakistan is strife with Hindi films from India. Besides, it is common knowledge that Pakistani films are yet make their mark. While Bollywood is on the threshold of corporatisation, the Pakistan film industry is yet to become an organised sector.

Despite the weathered ties between the two nations, Bollywood films and songs have always been a binding force between the two countries. The success of the two films will eventually chart the course of Bollywood films in Pakistan.

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