Wilson Louis’ next is Mamma’s Boy

MUMBAI :Director Wilson Louis’s recently released film Ho Sakta Hai, a film based on black magic and voodoo was shot in 35 mm in a schedule of 26 days in Mumbai and Lonavala. The film which has around 45 minutes of visual effects and took 3 months of post production.

The budget of the film till its first copy was Rs 95 lakh. The film got delayed but fortunately, it bagged an US contract for international release with dubbing rights.

The film was screened at Cannes 2005 and also at FilmPur – England. It also won the best 3-D animation award for the chandelier sequence at the Seagate Technical Awards and was nominated within Best Three Films in Visual Effects category at the FICCI awards last year. His forthcoming will be a bilingual being made in English and Hindi and is being produced by Tabun Sutradhar.

The film titled Mamma’s Boy will be shot in Scotland and India. Victor Baneerjee and Shehnaaz Patel play pivotal roles in the film.

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