Win mobile phones every hour on Big 92.7 FM


MUMBAI: BIG 92.7 FM offers its listeners an innovative on-air contest called Mobile Mazha where listeners stand to win color mobile phones every hour on the breakfast show Big Mornings, hosted by RJ Kidilam Firoz. The contest which commenced on 3 March will run up to 15 March. 


The contest involves simple questions being asked by BIG 92.7 FM RJ Kidilam Firoz, answers to which are either one of the three numbers: ‘9’, ‘2’ or ‘7’, which, when put together without changing the order, is the frequency of the radio station.


All entries will be sent through SMS by typing BIG with a space followed by 9, 2 or 7 to the station’s short code 55454 or by calling 3927927. This means loads of mobile phones for the next few days every hour on BIG Mornings only on BIG 92.7 FM. A total of 48 mobile phones (four per day) would be given to the lucky winners for 12 days and twelve questions would be asked in a day.  


Speaking on the occasion, BIG 92.7 FM station manager Priyesh Prathap said, "We have received tremendous support from the city of Thiruvananthapuram and what better way than to thank them by getting them to win mobile phones. The contest format ensures that maximum number of our listeners benefit from it. The Mobile Mazha is not just about fun and games for the callers, but also an innovative method to ensure frequency recall in addition to great content and listener involvement."