With kids around, no time for romance: Manyata Dutt

Manyata Dutt
MUMBAI: With Valentine’s Day round the corner, Manyata Dutt wants to spend some quality time with husband Sanjay Dutt. However, she admits that romance has taken a backseat after her children were born and a quiet dinner at home is now the most romantic thing for her.

"It’s (a good date) like a good dinner at home. Since now I have got two babies, I just can’t think of romance alone with my husband. My babies are all over. It’s just like at home with kids and family, that is what romance is all about," Manyata said here at the launch of Rotary watches.

Manyata and Sanjay got married in Feb 2008 and are parents of twins — son Shahraan and daughter Iqra who were born in Oct 2010.

Recalling the most romantic thing ever done by Sanjay, she said: "He was campaigning in Lucknow for some elections and he hired a chartered jet and just flew down. Those days Ranbir’s song ‘Khuda Jane ke’ was really happening. He was home before I could come back from work and he was there and sang the song for me.

"I had not seen him for eight days, so that was very touchy and romantic."