Yahoo!, Jagran Group float internet property


    MUMBAI: Yahoo! India and the Jagran Group have jointly launched a new co-branded Hindi news and current affairs internet property.


    The new property will integrate the largest Hindi content of Jagran with Yahoo! India’s online presence. This agreement brings together India’s internet brand and Indian newspaper to provide both online services and print media content for users and advertisers.

    The partnership will create online a Hindi user experience, with Jagran’s content across news, current affairs, sports, entertainment and other features. It will be complemented with Yahoo!’s internet products and services offered in seven Indian languages, including Yahoo! Search, Mail and Messenger.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Jagran and Yahoo! India will share graphical and keyword advertising revenue generated by the property with Yahoo! India managing the advertising sales and ad-serving for the new co-branded property. Both companies will also partner in distributing Yahoo! India’s search and small and medium business offerings.

    “This is a partnership that will reshape the online Hindi news and current affairs landscape – in terms of customer experience, user engagement and monetization. Yahoo! India and Jagran will together

    provide the most compelling experience in online Hindi news and current affairs to our users who constitute over 80% of India’s online audience,” said Yahoo! India, Director – Products, Media and Entertainment, Aparna Pujar.

    JPL, CEO, Sanjay Gupta stated, “This exciting and strategic partnership between these two powerful media entities will redefine the Hindi Online User experience and take this to the next level. This platform will help rebrand and rescale the Hindi online space and leverage the strengths of both the organizations in creating a very powerful online property. We looked for a partner that stood for leadership and credibility in the online media space, which understood the pulse of internet audiences and had a customer-centric focus as central to their business approach. Yahoo! India definitely represents all these and more”


    Pujar added, “This provides us with an excellent platform to grow the online reach of Hindi news and current affairs for the future which currently is a large and untapped business opportunity. We looked for a partner with a leadership position in Hindi content, a well respected and renowned brand and a shared vision of the opportunity. Jagran definitely represents all these.”