Yash Raj Films partners Philips for Blu-Ray discs

    MUMBAI: Yash Raj Films (YRF) has partnered with Philips whereby the Blu-ray Disc of the company’s movie – New York –  would be available exclusively with Philips Blu-ray players in India.

    Additionally, YRF will also be releasing its previous films on Blu-Ray discs in a phased manner. By November, YRF is planning to release its first 10 titles on Blu-Ray.

    The YRF films on Blu-ray Discs have been aggressively priced to enable more and more consumers to experience High Definition and to compliment the growth in the hardware. In a special offer, YRF is also home-delivering Blu-ray Disc at no extra cost. Also as an inaugural offer, a discount of 10 per cent is being offered if two or more films are ordered. This offer is valid till 30 October 2009.