Yash Raj promotes Tashan on Facebook, Orkut, YouTube

    Mumbai: Social networking has now caught the fancy of the Big Daddy of Bollywood Yash Raj Films to promote its upcoming films and create a buzz amongst the youth.
    After Subhash Ghai took to Facebook to promote his recent movie Black & White, now Yash Raj Films has hopped on to the social networking bandwagon to promote its latest release Tashan.
    The company has been building communities on social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut. Apart from this, YRF’s official channel on Google’s video sharing website YouTube.com is also heavily promoting the film.
    Tashan stars Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor and is the directorial debut of Vijay (Victor) Krishna Acharya. It is slated to release on 25 April.
    On Facebook, Tashan – The Official Community has the tag line – "Don’t worry about who you are, just carry your Tashan in your heart."
    The community has almost 400 members, who have been interacting with each other and generating a buzz around the movie. Discussion boards are filled with Facebookers who are waiting in anticipation for the film’s release.
    The community has Bachchan Pandey (Akshay Kumar), Pooja Tashan (Kareena Kapoor), Bhaiyajee Tashan (Anil Kapoor) and Jimmy Tashan (Saif Ali Khan) as admin. Seven teaser videos have also been uploaded on the website.
    On the other hand, the Orkut community has more than 550 members and has interactive features such as polls, forums etc.
    Recently Sony Pictures also launched its own page on Facebook, wherein fans can visit and interact directly with the organizations. These communities are regularly pumped with news, tit-bits, pictures and videos of the movie and its cast. Apart from this, companies like Warner Brothers, Virgin, Apple, Disney, Nickelodeon and MTV are also active on the Facebook circuit.
    Social networking sites are becoming more than just that. Facebook even offers options to companies who want to capture users’ attention. Companies can either opt for Homepages or they can get themselves a Facebook Sponsored Group.
    Creating a buzz for a movie via social networking is slated to become the next big thing. With no advertising dollars involved, it is a sure fire way to get the youth involved with an upcoming film.