Zapak brings Kuma war games to India

    MUMBAI: Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited has forayed into hardcore gaming with the launch of Kuma War games in India.


    Zapak will host five games with over 100 episodes, which will be completely free for users to download. These games are used to provide military training to United States Army.


    The Kuma games will include games like, DinoHunters, Kuma War, Shootout, Dog Fights and Kill Fight. New episodes will be released every month adding a fresh perspective to these games. These games are based on real life scenarios like Saddam’s capture, fight in Afghanistan and Osama hunt.


    Zapak Digital Entertainment COO Rohit Sharma said, “Strategy games are a big craze amongst avid gamers today, hence to cater to this segment and add to our already diverse portfolio of games, we are happy to launch Kuma War games in India. Kuma War games will exclusively be available with us at Zapak ensuring an exciting international experience for the target audience.”