Zapak Kids, Bhoothnath launch movie gaming merchandise

Mumbai: Zapak Kids has announced a tie-up with Big B’s most awaited movie Bhoothnath. As a part of this deal Zapak will create and market gaming merchandise specially created around the film.

It’s a triple treat coming up for kids this summer, the much awaited movie Bhoothnath, Zapak Kids – India’s first ever gaming site dedicated to kids and Zapak Bhoothnath Game Pack series, with interesting games and prank toys to keep them busy this summer vacation.

Zapak Kids has created an interesting Bhoothnath Game Pack Series containing three types of packs. These packs will contain a Gaming CD with the full version of a mystery based game along with Prank Toys for kids. One set of packs would consist of the Bucchki toy, a high speed spinning toy. These packs would be available through the Zapak Cards network across 3500 outlets in over 70 cities. The packs would be priced at Rs. 99, Rs. 149 and Rs. 169.

Zapak has created a microsite which will host wallpapers and trailers of the movie along with the game and interesting contests. Zapak Kids would also host Bhoothnath Horror Mania, a special contest under which kids have to register their high scores in ‘Bhooth Attack with Bhoothnath’, a game based on the movie and they get a chance to win movie tickets, magic trick booklets and movie merchandise like Amitabhs’ cloak, finger nails etc.

Amitabh Bachchan said, "Kids are becoming more and more important today, various brands are vying for their mindshare. When I came to know that we are doing merchandising extensions for Bhoothnath with Zapak, I was very excited."

BR Films CEO Sanjay Bhutiani said, "The moment Zapak and BR team met, we knew they were the right partners to exploit the movie with customized games and interesting gaming merchandise. The theme of the movie is very synergistic with the target audience who spend considerable amount of time on internet and virtual games."

Zapak Digital COO Rohit Sharma said, "Kids aged 14 years and below constitute to over 25% of Zapak users online also serving as the stickiest and the most loyal users on our site, this is definitely an area of focus for Zapak."

He added, "Zapak Kids is a specially created segment to cater to this audience. Bhoothnath presented us with an interesting opportunity to create gaming based merchandise around the movie. We believe these games will be well accepted by kids especially the Zapak Bucchki will recreate the Beyblades fad for the Indian Market."

"It is very rare that a film while being made becomes so important for the caste, the crew, the production house and everyone else associated with the film. Bhoothnath is turning out to be that rare film. With such a film it becomes all the more important that it makes the right associations and finds the right channels to reach out to a wider audience," said director of the film Vivek Sharma.

He added, "In Zapak, Bhoothnath has found that partner. Like Bhoothnath, Zapak also has a name that is very striking. We all are very proud of Bhoothnath’s association with Zapak."

As per the latest I cube 2007 data, kids in India spend 21% of their time on the internet for entertainment which is up from 18% in 2006.  Activities such as online gaming, video etc. has increased share of entertainment from 8% in 2006 to 13% in 2007.

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