Zapak launches game on Tamil movie Kireedam


    MUMBAI: Reliance ADAG’s Zapak Digital Entertainment has launched a game based on Adlabs’ first regional production – Kireedam, which is called ‘The Kireedam Game.’

    Kireedam is produced by Suresh Balaje and revolves around a father-son relationship. Actor Ajith plays the role of a young man who loves his family. Raj Kiran plays his father who wants to see his son become a cop but he wants to avenge his father’s honor, more than anything else, by killing all the gangsters who laid their hands on him.

    Kireedam writer and director Vijay says, “It is every director’s dream to have as many extensions to his movie as possible, which will keep his creation alive in the minds of the viewers. Hence, we decided to have a game based on it so that the player can experience the thrill and excitement of the movie. As Kireedam is an action flick, we wanted to have a shootout based game and we are excited to have it launched on”

    In the game, the player has to help Shakti kill the gangsters while undergoing police training using different weapons. The player has to defend himself using different keys and approach the red cross to gain health. While doing this he can not let his father Rajaram catch him, which will bring the game to an end.

    Zapak Digital Entertainment chief operating officer Rohit Sharma said, “Movies are a craze in India, second only to cricket and movie stars, down south, are worshipped as gods. South Indian movies are made with such grandeur and on such a scale, that it made sense to launch a game on one. Kireedam is an action based flick and therefore merited a game based on First Person Shooter (FPS).”