Zapak unveils collectible game card series


    MUMBAI: Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd. has launched Zapak Game Cards that allow gamers to purchase full version of downloadable games from their website on their PCs. It is also the first ever collectible game card series for grown up kids in the age group of six years to 12 years.
    The gamer needs to purchase Zapak Game Cards worth Rs 99, which will reveal a code when scratched. He will have to visit the URL printed on the card and get himself registered there, if he is not a Zapak gamer yet. The next step will follow with a list of games he can purchase for Rs 99, post which he will need to click on the game of his choice and type the code on the card to download the game on his PC and own it.

    Zapak has introduced Game Cards with an objective of making gaming hassle free and more accessible for children in the age group of 6 to 15 years. These cards will prove to be a boon to the children as they do not have the privilege to own credit cards and do not have an access to them. These game cards will look like credit cards and will be multifaceted in nature. To start with, gamers will have an option of downloading 50 games available on their website, further to which the website will have 100 games by the end of this year.

    There are four series of Zapak Game Cards – Pirates, Sci-Fi, Warrior and Magic. If the gamer collects one card, he will get a game. On collecting three cards of a series he will get three game cards plus gifts worth Rs 300. Collecting ten cards of a series will get the gamer exclusive branded merchandise in addition to the ten games he can purchase with those. Hence, Zapak Game Cards will have an aspirational value for the kids and the in-thing to have, which will put them in the ‘cool’ bracket.

    Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd., Chief Operating Officer, Rohit Sharma said, “India is witnessing a high broadband penetration, but the e-commerce activity is not as dynamic. With the launch of game cards we aim to encourage internet usage with gaming as one of the most preferred entertainment options amongst young gamers. Children do not have the privilege and freedom of owning credit cards to download games. These cash loaded cards will enable them to own their favorite games, thus, providing the most feasible alternative.”

    The Zapak Game Cards will be available at Rs 99 across all leading toy stores, departmental stores and multi-brand outlets. Currently, they are available in over in over 3000 outlets in 56 cities, targeted to increase to 5000 outlets pan India.