Zapak’s recognition soars in online space




Zapak features as the most searched Indian Portal according to the Google Zeitgeist report 2007. Zapak, which is just about a year old figures in Google’s top 10 for India’s Fast – Rising Search Queries in 2007 along with players like Gmail, Orkut, etc. This makes Zapak the only Indian portal, apart from the Indian Railways ecommerce website IRCTC, to make it to the list.


In preparing the final list, Google examined several thousand most popular searches during 2007 and ranked them on the basis of the proportion of their popularity compared to 2006. In a short span of over one year, Zapak has acquired over 4 million registered users and 100 million page views.


According to Rohit Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited, “Zapak has come a long way since the day it was launched. The response received has been overwhelming. During the last one year, many gamers have turned into Zapak loyalists and the non gamers have begun playing games. We have invested the right kind of money in the right manner to get Gaming to the next level in India. We have invested in the right content and have worked towards creating the gaming value chain through Gameplex and Zapak Card.”


The four million database has raised the bar for advertisers in the online space. Today there are over a 100 brands associated with Zapak either through advertising or Advergaming. In fact 30 of these brands are exclusive to Zapak in the online space.