Zee Cinema to air Bachchan’s Naseeb

Mumbai: Zee Cinema will air Naseeb in its weekly slot ‘Shanivaar Ki Raat Amitabh Ke Saath’ on 30 June 2007 at 08 pm. 

The story is about Namdev, who works in a restaurant as a waiter. One day, a customer is unable to pay and all he has is a lottery ticket. Namdev accepts it, and to his delight, he wins. He decides to share this windfall with three of his friends namely Raghuvir, Damodar, and Jaggi. Greed for their newfound wealth embitters them, and Jaggi gets killed – and Namdev gets arrested and charged for killing him, and is subsequently sentenced to a long jail term.

Damodar and Raghuvir invest the money and become millionaires. Years later, Namdev is released from prison, and finds out that while his two friends and their respective sons have been living a wealthy lifestyle, his family is poor, and a son of his, Ravi, is employed as a waiter in a hotel. Enraged, he goes to confront them; they pacify him and offer some money so that they live comfortably. It is then that Namdev comes across evidence that it was not he who killed Jaggi – but one of two of his friends. With the help of his son, he intends to find out who killed Jaggi and avenge himself.