Zee Turner to switch off 33 channels on Hathway networks across India


MUMBAI: Channels like Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Cartoon Network, Pogo, HBO, Zee Marathi, Zee Kannada, Zee Telugu, Zee Café, Zee Studio and many more will go off air across networks of Hathway Datacomm Limited including cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore due to continuous default by Hathway on its payments to Zee Turner.  Additionally, Hathway has been avoiding signing the agreement for airing these 33 channels despite numerous efforts by Zee Turner and now being overdue by almost 10 months.


As per the prescribed law, Hathway is to sign its agreements with Zee Turner for availing of the services of the 33 channels on expiry of the previous one.  Most of these agreements expired in March 2009 and ever since, despite numerous efforts by Zee Turner, Hathway has not come forward to sign the agreements.  Additionally, Hathway networks owe Zee Turner an amount of over Rs. 28 crores which is nearly 6 months overdue.


Zee Turner was forced to take the extreme step of giving a public notice to ensure that the defaulter makes good.  Despite the 21 days notice of 15 January, 2010, Zee Turner has exercised restraint in the interest of consumers, but Hathway has been avoiding resolving the issue.  Zee Turner is forced to look at the option of switching off the networks to protect the interest of its stakeholders which has been stretched beyond normal terms of business.


Hathway networks on their own with no prior notice to customers switched off many of Zee Turner’s channels in cities like Latur, Nanded, Pune and Aurangabad .