Zenzi Lumière presents Read My Lips


Mumbai: This week the Zenzi Lumière Film Club will bring the romantic thriller Read My Lips (2001). The triple award-winner at the 2002 César Awards, Read My Lips was also awarded the Best Actress and Best Director award at the 2002 Newport International Film Festival. Seating and entry is free.

Read My Lips is a neo-noir thriller about the unexpected relationship between a lonely, mousy secretary and a street-savvy ex-con. The story revolves around Carla Behm (Emmanuelle Devos) a shy, overworked, underappreciated receptionist/secretary at a Parisian property development firm who did like to be a deal-maker but her serious hearing problem has made her socially inexperienced and timid.  

When she’s told to hire a secretarial assistant, she chooses an unlikely candidate, a handsome but coarse former thief named Paul Angeli (Vincent Cassel) who has no office experience. To compensate for her partial deafness, Carla’s learned to read lips – a skill which intrigues the criminally inclined Paul – and the tortuous, twisting plot revolves around how they complement and exploit one another.

The Zenzi Lumière film club is open to all where you can catch up on the best of internationally acclaimed movies by NDTV Lumière on a first come, first served basis at the Zenzi Lumière Film Club at 1.30 pm on every alternate Sunday.