Zindaggi doesn’t really rock

Zindaggi Rocks

1.5 / 5

Cast: Sushmita Sen, Shiney Ahuja, Maushmi Chatterjee

Director: Tanuja Chandra

Producer: Anurradha Prasad (B.A.G. Films)

Synopsis: On a rainy night Dr. Rihan (Shiney Ahuja), a workaholic, meets an extremely popular singer – Kria (Sushmita Sen), in his hospital… not realizing his life is about to change forever. Both of them are poles apart in their nature.

Kria forces the introvert doctor to come out with her and her equally mad family! As much as he resists, he finds himself being swept by this tidal wave of friendship and fun. Kria has a 12 year old son, who’s smarter than men twice his age. Her mother (Maushmi Chatterjee) is a hard nut to crack and has a fun loving twin sister. Kria and Suraj are deeply in love until they face a painful situation where Suraj is faced with the biggest crisis in his life as is Kria.

The film looks rich with high production values and the story revolves mostly on the mother – son bond, which gives enough room to explore emotions. However, the slow screenplay hardly gives any opportunity for emotions. The audiences’ heart hardly goes out to the characters in grief.

Nothwithstanding that, the suspense in the climax is definitely credit worthy. Tanuja Chandra has done a good job only with the climax scene. Other than that, the movie moves at a very slow pace without much progress.

The songs by Anu Malik suit the mood and situations of the film, but most songs do not have a repeat hearing value. Amirr Sayed’s cinematography is first-rate.

Maushmi Chatterjee acts well in the film as the dumb twin sister. But her other character – that of Sushmita’s mother – is not worthy of mention. She forcefully talks in English even though the script does not demand it. What’s more, her English pronounciations leaves us cringing. Kim Sharma hardly has a role in the film and has been wasted.

Sushmita Sen acts well and looks stunning too. Julian as Suhmita’s son is just about OK. The dubbing for Julian has gone totally wrong.

Shiney Ahuja acts well but other than that he looks like he’s striagh popped out of Who Lamhe. He has worn the same kind of linen shirts and jackets as in his last week’s release. Moreover, being a doctor he wears cargo pants. Pray tell me, which doctor wears cargo pants to the hospital?

Rohini Bhandari

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