Zoom to interview Sameera Reddy

MUMBAI: Actor Sameera Reddy is host Tarana Raja Kapoor’s guest on the celebrity chat show Let’s Talk on 9 June 2007 on Zoom, the glamour and entertainment news channel.

On the show, Sameera has made revelations about her sleepwalking habits and also brushed off the compliment that she was the hottest of the three Reddy sisters, saying that their mother was the hottest of them all.

She will also share with host Tarana interesting anecdotes about her first music video, Pankaj Udhas’ “Ahista” that brought her acclaim. The South Indian beauty on the sets of Let’s Talk will speak about her Bengali film Kaalpurush and the fact that she is doing her second Bengali film in broken Bengali. She will also disclose information about her acting in Mira Nair’s short film on AIDS and how she is not shy about intimate scenes as long as the script demands especially when it is based on a social cause.