Zulfi Sayed works in lingerie boutique



Model turned actor Zulfi Sayed finds a job in a lingerie boutique. That’s not surprising as you might think. He plays Lucky who finds a job in lingerie store in London in his upcoming movie Mr. Hot Mr. Kool directed by Partho Ghosh.

This is for the first time Zulfi Sayed is coming up in a comedy film. The model turned actor won many accolades for his performance in the movie Taj Mahal.

“I found the story very interesting so I signed it. It was a great experience working with Yash, Priya and Samiksha and of course Parthoji,” says Zulfi Sayed.

Mr. Hot Mr. Kool, is a situational romantic comedy starring Zulfi Sayed, Yash Pandit and two new young debutants Samiksha and Priya Valecha.

Mr. Hot Mr. Kool is a story on two friends whose life is like a railway engine without driver or fuel. No job no girl. But the story changes as they land up in London with a job in lingerie store and a brand new car. And the story unfolds with full comedy and confusions of love.

“I’m known for thriller movies like Agnisakshi and 100 Days, but I always wanted to work on comedy movie, so I did,” says Partho Ghosh. The movie is being produced by Interworld Digital Ltd.