Aamir, Anand Have Made My Journey Special: Kiran Rao

The director of 'Ship Of Theseus', Anand Gandhi, actor Sohum Shah and presenter Kiran Rao spoke to the media about the release of the film.

MUMBAI: Since ‘Ship Of Theseus’ released in few select theaters last Friday, it has received critical acclaim as well as love from the audience. From being an indie production to attending festivals and getting a relatively wide release for an indie film, the ‘Ship’ has travelled far and wide.


Director Anand Gandhi, actor-producer Sohum Shah and presenter Kiran Rao were present at the media gathering where the trio spoke about the film and the reception it has received.

Quite a few tidbits regarding Kiran Rao came out during the conference. Although the film is an intellectual one, and not so mainstream, Kiran Rao admitted that she loves to watch mainstream commercial films too. “I watch certain kinds of masala films. But beyond masala, I want some content (in those films). I don’t believe that commercial and mainstream cinema shouldn’t have any content at all,” the ‘Dhobi Ghat’ director said.

She also revealed that meeting people like her husband Aamir Khan and Anand Gandhi have made her journey worth cherishing. “I feel fortunate that I have got opportunities to meet people like Anand Gandhi, Aamir and different, different technicians. Due to this, my growth and journey has become more rich and layered,” Kiran Rao said.

In its second week, starting this Friday, ‘Ship Of Theseus’ will expand to more cities and theaters, which can only be good news for a small film like this.

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