AIRPORT DIARIES: Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Chennai Express’ Departs For London



MUMBAI: Not content with appearing in different cities and TV shows in India, Shah Rukh Khan has now shifted his attention to other territories. Last night, the Bollywood superstar left for London to promote ‘Chennai Express’.

Last week, Shah Rukh Khan travelled between Bhopal and Ahmedabad within a day and followed it up with a trip to Kolkata the following day. As expected, fans went into a frenzy at all these places. (Read Articles Here And Here)

After London, Shah Rukh Khan is expected to visit Dubai as well before coming back to India on the final lap of his tour. The ‘Chennai Express’ will make a halt at Delhi, before reaching its destination at Chennai.

It’s good to see that Shah Rukh Khan has so much energy but is this too much of an overdrive? People could get so tired of watching him promote the film that they may not watch the film itself. His fans will hope that doesn’t become the case though. ‘Chennai Express’ releases on 9 August, 2013.