PHOTOS: Akshay Kumar Mobbed By Fans At ‘Boss’ Screening!


AKSHAY 17102013

MUMBAI: Akshay Kumar’s previous film ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara’ may not have done well at the box office, but that doesn’t hamper his star factor at all.

The actor – Akki, as he is lovingly called – had his new film ‘Boss’ releasing today, where he seems to be back in ‘Rowdy Rathore’ mode.

On the day of its release, Akshay Kumar made his way to a local theater in the city to gauge the audience’s response to the film.

Of course the crowds went wild on seeing him at the theater and mobbed him. Akshay Kumar though was as cool as a cucumber and comfortable in his skin.

Whether ‘Boss’ goes a hit or flop, it does look like there won’t be an off day for Akshay Kumar’s popularity!