EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Behind The Scenes Of ‘Chennai Express’



Normally, an audience’s interaction with a film is very limited. We see trailers, watch the movies in the theater or on DVD, and that’s it. But the making of the movie, the interactions between stars and their directors, the fun of doing it, is a remote idea for an audience member. The team at ‘Chennai Express’ though have thought of a novel idea to get the audience members connect with the backstage fun.

Here are some photos of behind-the-scenes fun that the cast and crew of ‘Chennai Express’ had during the shoot. These include Shah Rukh Khan massaging Deepika Padukone’s hand (and then licking it), Deepika Padukone breaking a bottle on director Rohit Shetty’s head, and alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh making an appearance on the sets. (Will we see Ranveer Singh make a guest appearance in the film?)

For an audience member, this is like a goldmine, isn’t it? Watching Shah Rukh Khan wear fake blood, or performing stunts, or seeing Deepika Padukone being romanced by Shah Rukh Khan, we can actually see the fun and hard work that goes into all this through these photos.

Let’s have a look at a few moments that the cast and crew shared behind-the-scenes and hope this fun translates into a watchable and fun movie on the big screen!