Best Moments Of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan And Aamir Khan Together

Aap-Ki-Adalat [tps_footer]It was the first time ever that Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan came together and shared a podium. An evening of December 02, 2014 made a history in Bollywood. It was a day to be remembered for the years to come, the unexpected happened and the people could not stop but wonder is it a dream? The trio attended the celebrations of the success of India TV’s ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ with Rajat Sharma.  Though the mega event was attended by many other elite personalities like politicians, cricketers and industrialist; it was the Khan trio who stole the limelight. Here we bring you the best moments of the evening that gave out chills, laughter and entertainment.

Shah Rukh Khan Calls Salman Khan, India’s Biggest Super Star
As the host of the evening, Rajat Sharma invited Shah Rukh Khan on the stage, King Khan then invited Salman to join him but in a unique way; Shah Rukh addressed Salman Khan as India’s biggest superstar and called him on the stage. The Dabangg Khan after joining him invited perfectionist Khan, Aamir. Aamir Khan like always with an adorable smile joined the two Khan friends on the stage. It was the first frame to see the trio together.

Shah Rukh, Salman And Aamir Asked Rajat Sharma A Secret Question
The Khans turned ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ into Khans Ki Adalat and made Rajat Sharma stand in the palisade and started with a question & answer session or the famously known ‘grilling’ session.
Starting with the questions they first asked the host that has he ever been threatened by any of the guests on the show for asking controversial questions? To which Rajat Sharma replied, that he was threatened once after the shooting of one of his episodes was over, however he didn’t mention the name.
Shah Rukh Khan shot the next question, and he asked the host about the secret of his glowing skin? To which the man in the palisade answered cleverly saying, that he refrains doing what Salman and Shah Rukh do. And the most interesting question came from Salman Khan, who put forward his own example of getting irritated on being asked the same question of ‘ when you’re going to marry’ asked Rajat Sharma that has there been any such questions that annoyed him?  To this the host of ‘ Aap Ki Adalat’ replied, there aren’t any such questions that infuriate him.

The Khans Special Gift To Rajat Sharma
After grilling the host of the evening Rajat Sharma with their questions, the three Khans presented him with the special gifts that they had brought. First it was King Khan, Shah Rukh , who presented the host with a ‘Lungi’. Next was generous Khan, Salman, who gifted Rajat Sharma a ‘Towel’ and then it was Mr. perfectionist Khan, Aamir who gifted the host of the evening with his famous PK ‘Transistor’ The three unusual gifts from the three Khans paved a way for some laughter.

The Khan Trio Along With The Host Does The ‘Towel Dance’
After the gifting was done the three Khans called off for some entertaining jig. They took Salman Khan’s gift, the towel and then Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir along with Rajat Sharma did the iconic “Towel Dance” sharing the same towel between the four of them. The evening was a great treat for the guests present and surely a delightful one for the fans of all the three Khans.

Aamir Khan To Host A Special Screening Of PK For Shah Rukh And Salman
Reportedly, when the three of them met at an event they spoke at length about Aamir Khan’s film PK. Aamir was happy to know about Shah Rukh and Salman’s interest in the film, and decided to host a special screening for both of them. Well, it seems after a stretched animosity, the Khans don’t want to miss any opportunity to share moments together.

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