Everyone is Nice To Me: Ranveer Singh


NEW DELHI: The very frank and forthright Ranveer Singh candidly revealed that everyone in the industry is nice to him, despite his success or failure rate.


At a press conference for ‘Lootera’ in the Capital city, Ranveer was overheard confessing: “Industry is the same towards me. Everyone is nice to me and they haven’t changed. Fortunately, for me people didn’t change accordingly to my success or failure.”

In a light blue striped shirt and jeans, Ranveer also said he was excited about the coming year and that people were excited to see him in ‘Lootera’, after a long gap of nearly two years.

“Fortunately for me people remember me and people are looking forward to ‘Lootera’. For me it’s very different to come after 19 months and still they have not forgotten me. The gap is not a good thing, but hopefully this year will be good.”

Sonakshi Sinha, in a pale yellow salwar kameez, demurely nodded and agreed with Ranveer.